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Bitclub Network

Welcome To The World Of Bitcoin And Bitclub Network, The Most Attractive Opportunity We Have Ever Seen.

The videos here explain the opportunity in a natural order including the process for getting involved. It is best to watch the videos in the order that they appear (top to bottom) because the more you know the easier it will be to make a decision based on all possible fact.

Watch them all one after the other or watch them one or a few at a time, you decide. You can pause them, rewind them and control the pace to suit yourself and to be sure you have the information you need. All videos also give you the option of watching full screen by clicking the square, bottom right on the videos once playing,

There are also links at the bottom of this page to some excellent general information videos and articles. Bitcoin could (any many seriously smart people believe it will) become one of the most valuable assets you could ever hold or be involved with and here we do our best to explain why.


  • Lifetime Membership Of Bitclub Network Costs $99
  • A Share Of Mining Pool 1 Costs $500 - The Share Lasts For 1,000 Days
  • A Share Of Mining Pool 2 Costs $1000 - The Share Lasts For 1,000 Days
  • A Share Of Mining Pool 3 Costs $2000 - The Share Lasts For 1,000 Days
  • A Share In All 3 Costs $3500 - The Shares Last For 1,000 Days And Extra, Exclusive Club Benefits Apply

NOTES Buying Bitcoin for the very first time can seem daunting but most things after the first go will just get easier. Just remember that any Bitcoin you buy can remain safe and secure within a Bitcoin wallet. So if you buy a little too much it isn't a problem. Buying a little too less however can be frustrating because you may find you don't have enough to cover the Bitclub Network digital invoices as they are produced. If in doubt about anything, get in touch with your sponsor! Before Watching Video 6, be aware that we can currently help with the purchase of Bitcoin for you and, providing you have already set up a Bitclub Network free account, we can deal with your Minining Pool and Membership purchases, in Bitcoin, for you. Just watch Video 7 for an explanation.