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    Everything we test at Profit Magnets has a reasonable entry level for most people. But we also look at things that allow a faster start and better returns if you want to commit more.

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    You can go it alone and still benefit. Not everyone is comfortable introducing what they do with others and so what we look at needs to work for those who do and those who don’t want to work with others.

  • Hedging Against Future Financial Crisis Is Critical

    No one source of income or form of income has a built in guarantee of being future proofed so you need to diversify to secure your future and this site is designed to help.

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John Duncan

Having spent all but 5 years of my adult working life in sales, marketing, management and training it now seems an obvious decision to use those skills to create an online business after spending 22 years in that world but it didn't seem so obvious when I began.

I've been working online for 15 years now and, having started out as a pure betting system designer and product creator, I have found myself moving into the field of passive and proactive income opportunities in my search for the very best ways to build real wealth. The further I go to find interesting and intriguing opportunities, the more I find myself amazed at just how many different ways there are to grow wealth.

It's also a world full of pitfalls and scams and I have had a few bruising experiences along the way. But even those experiences can only help others through making certain that I can guide you, as best I can, so that youdon't need to make the same mistakes.

I still keep an eye on betting markets and strategies and forms of (safe) sports and financial trading. (I'm still working on a few ideas of my own that I haven't yet introduced to the market). I still bet for fun and trade sports for leisure but more and more now I find myself drawn to the world of using money to leverage more money.  There are some marvellous opportunities out there to grow capital and to use capital to generate passive income just so long as we do not make assumptions about anything until we have thoroughly checked it out

Perhaps more importantly, I think we all need to be aware that the world is rapidly changing and we simply cannot take it for granted that the old and traditional way to grow and hold money is still the best and will always be there. The world has been in crisis financially for the last ten years (even if you don't see it) and even though our Governments and leaders do a good job of hiding the cracks, those cracks are definitely getting bigger.

The age of self-dependence, disruption and new forms of money are upon us in the form of Cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin leading the way. And new ways of building and securing assets are needed to maintain any real value and worth. This site is devoted to sharing with you all the discoveries we've made to build a secure financial future for us ourselves.

For my own part, I have acquired, over the last 4 years, a passionate interest in all things "Crypto" and "Blockchain" but I am also, at the root, still a passionate sports betting man. I still love horse racing and soccer particularly and still run a few strategies of my own in that arena.

Life is diversified and full of different people with different interests and it makes perfect sense to me to bring my major interests here to share. Working with Trevor has enabled me to touch base again with other parts of skill set that include coaching (individuals) and a study of how people think. So, if you like diversification you are certainly going to find it here at Profit Magnets.

I hope you enjoy our content but, more importantly, I hope you can gain from it and enrich your life as a result. Trevor and I hope to welcome you to the profitmagnets family if you aren't with us already.


Trevor Blake

I am sitting writing this in my outside office in the Spanish sunshine, overlooking the swimming pool, and the beautiful mountains beyond. To count myself fortunate would be an understatement. It could have been all so different, if I had stuck to the safe path, and the conventional way of making a secure future, working in a job, selling my life by the hour to someone else and making them rich.

I guess I have always been a bit of a rebel in that respect. True, I tried the job route, ending up as a police officer, starting in the tenement slums of Glasgow in the 70’s (it has all changed now) and ending up as a sergeant on Canvey Island in Essex. In fact, I couldn’t have chosen another place that was the exact opposite to the streets of Govan! In the wee small hours, Canvey was like a cemetery with lights on, whereas Govan, being right next to the infamous Gorbals gangland area, was just starting to liven up at that time of the night!

I soon began to realise that I was actually wasting my days and nights, and was going to end up like all the old lags who were counting the days until they could retire with a pension, and put their feet up. The truth was that most of them could not survive on their pension, and they took menial jobs to supplement their income. Unfortunately the average life span (at that time) of a retired officer was estimated to be 7 years, so I decided to get out and do something with my existence on this planet.

Giving up a supposedly safe income was looked upon as madness by my friends and colleagues. However, having been brought up in a Dr Barnardo’s home from the age of 18 months, I knew how to survive without relying on others. It didn’t phase me one little bit.

So I started a business in the clothing industry, doing embroidered logos for football clubs etc. It went well for 10 years until the recession in the 90’s, which left us (my other half, Karen, 5 kids 2 dogs and a budgie) without a home, and penniless. So we turned to gardening and house cleaning just to live.

At that time, I made a promise to Karen – to be the best there is, bar none. The only way from there was up! We couldn’t go down any further. It made me realise though why some people fail, and some become successful. People can rely on benefits, pensions, handouts from family, etc. So whilst they are in that state of being able to survive, they can continue to exist – but they are also afraid to try anything, in case it doesn’t work, or they spend money that they haven’t got. We had nothing to fall back on and no family of mine to bail us out - so we had to fight. We began our adventure in the home business arena.

To say we became successful is an understatement. Our journey is well documented, and we became masters at mentoring and training huge teams of people, many of whom are very wealthy to this day.

…and that is why I am so pleased to be a part of Profit Magnets. It is a fantastic platform to continue our journey, and above all, ‘give back’ as a thank you for our abundance and the enviable lifestyle that we now enjoy, both in Spain, and at our home in the UK.


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