Meet The Man Who Can Make You A Pile Of Money Picking The Right Crypto

And no... it isn't me. I'm good but this guy is Premier League!

He is a very private individual and I am going to call him simply Mr Crypto.

Mr Crypto can choose cryptos that are primed to grow in value and his results so far are quite staggering. Just look in the section below to see for yourself.

fade-leftfade-rightMr Crypto Recently Picked A 2,600% (26x) Crypto Winner!

We Didn't Wait Years For This Gain Either, It Took Just A Few Weeks!

The unique skills of Mr Crypto are brought to you courtesy of a colleague, John Piper, and this is what John has to say about him:

I have known about Mr Crypto for a good while now and have been well aware of his results. In 2017 he was trading bigger cryptos and on those, he is up 948% (9.5x) but at the start of 2021 he started to cover much smaller cryptos and in just 2.5 months is up a staggering 372%! (3.7x).

He is equally comfortable in bull and bear markets and has come out on top in both. In fact, just below, you can see a list of all the smaller cryptos he has traded in 2021 so far...

(And these are exactly the sort of coins he will be highlighting in this new service – which we are calling Mr. C’s Crypto Service).


Matic @ 0.04 now 0.34

Akt @ 3.29 now 5.74

Erdsl @ 0.01 now 0.26 

Cake @ 3.14 now 13.84

Dec @ 0.12 now 0.31

Mft @ 0.13 now 0.17

Tvk @ 0.07 now 0.72

Arpa @ 0.04 now 0.06

Rgt @ 4.60 now 17.19

Inj @ 4.74 now 12.90

Fis @ 1.42 now 2.86

Apy @ 0.57 now 1.92

Pros @ 1.55 now 4.14

Xdn @ 0.0022 awaiting listing.

Unistake @ 0.05 now 0.15

Zcn @ 0.47 now 0.67

Rvx @ 0.08 now 0.10

Utk @ 0.42 now 0.43

1inch @ 1.20 now 4.23

Gny @ 0.43 now 1.53

Ramp @ 0.24 now 0.35

Tel @ 0.01 now 0.04

Super @ 1.02 now 1.10

Zpae @ 0.0012 now 0.0016

Rook @ 211 now 377

Fwt @ 0.08 now 0.13

Yop @ 0.77 now 2.11

Rwn @ 0.007 now 0.014

World @ 0.018 now 0.081


Lina @ 0.09 now 0.08

Zero @ 0.28 now 0.27

Prt @ 0.09 now 0.08

Spice @ 3.06 now 1.62

Mbx @ 0.20 now 0.18

Fsw @ 0.32 now 0.24

Prq @ 1.19 now 1.10

Four @ 0.16 now 0.1

Spider @ 0.03 still 0.03

Kex @ 2.00 now 1.19

Rfi @ 2.62 now 1.44

Zee @ 1.39 now 1.02

Ndx @ 9.75 now 6.31

You will notice that most of the losses are well contained, and, of course, a loss can never be more than 1x (ie down to zero) whereas some of the gains are multiples, like 4x, 6x, and 26x!

With the new crypto service, you will get signals from both the larger coins and smaller alt-coins so you can expect a fair number of signals.

At this point, he is only looking for 100 “founder” subscribers to his new service and the target is that his crypto suggestions will give rise to at least 400% gains pa – this is very much in line with what has been achieved to date. If that can be sustained over a few years the figures will become extremely attractive - £1000 which sees 400% growth per annum over a 5 year period would become over £3m!!

Of course, that cannot be guaranteed but it is backed up by the track record so far and I can confirm that this type of growth (in percentage terms) has happened over the last few years and in the first few months of this year for the smaller coins.

As is usual we will be providing the information to allow you to make an informed choice and the final decision about any coin will be down to you. In fact, Mr Crypto cannot provide “advice” as he will never know enough about the individual subscribers to be able do so – this is amplified in the risk warnings at the bottom of the page.

So to the cost of being involved...

The 100 founder subscriptions are priced at £97 pm with a specially reduced annual fee of £847 – which offers a substantial discount of almost 30% on the monthly subscription. This will be backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can make that £97 per month back of course with just a few of his winning selections.

John is also happy to take cash payments via bank transfer for the annual subscription if that is easier for you. Just email and he can set this up. Please mention if you do that you heard it from John Duncan at Profit Magnets.

Please Use The Paypal Links Below To Subscribe, Remember There Is A Full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.



What Can You Expect From This New Service

In order to buy coins, you will need to first buy either Bitcoin or Ethereum. This is straightforward and you can use many crypto exchanges to do so – there is a link here to BINANCE if you want to use that exchange >> << The process is to open an account, then transfer your currency (GBP etc.) to that account, use the exchange to buy either Bitcoin or Ethereum. Then use that exchange or another exchange to buy the coins recommended.

Most of the coins we will be purchasing are most easily bought on Uniswap Dex. To use Uniswap you will need to use Metamask as an attachment on your computer.
Please find links to videos explaining how this works if you have never used before.

METAMASK - <<< This one shows you how to set up Metamask.
UNISWAP <<<  This one shows you how to use Uniswap.

Whilst this is a well-trodden path there is always a learning curve and John, on behalf of Mr Crypto, will send all subscribers a short video outlining the process.

Similarly, John will send out videos explaining how to use each of the exchanges needed to buy the coins that are highlighted.

Expect to receive around 4 suggested coins each month and there will also do a weekly video setting out thoughts on Bitcoin and Ethereum and other coins – this will form the meat of the service.

I think that covers the ground. I could wax lyrical about the wealth that cryptos have already brought to many of those I know but I suspect you are well aware that people are making fortunes in this area and that there is an explosion of value in the “Decentralized Finance” (aka DeFi) section of this market – many of our suggestions are coming from this area but these will tend to shift as markets change over time.

Finally, I will just add that ever since John launched his first service (The Technical Trader) back in 1989 his guiding principle has been to give solid value. Obviously his service is well respected, and if it were not so, subscribers would cancel and the service would cease.

The Technical Trader, now re-branded as “BIG Call” is still going strong 32 years later which I think speaks for itself – in fact, I can only think of a couple of other services in the UK that have lasted that long.

It is my view that Mr. C’s Crypto Service, brought to you by John Piper, will deliver even greater value!

Here Are Those Paypal Links Again:



John Piper goes on to say:

I'm really looking forward to developing this excellent idea and it's certainly going to be an interesting and rewarding experience!

Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss any aspect of this email:
Tel: (UK) 07747 030772

This is a serious business plan which I believe will work.  The whole essence is to risk a small sum (defined as money you can afford to lose so you are relaxed as the markets go through their usual gyrations) with a view to making a far larger sum down the road. So feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

All the best,


PS. We are only looking for 100 clients at this time and it is likely price will increase when we take on the next tranche. There is zero risk on the subscription as you are covered by our 30 day money back guarantee - try it and see!

PPS. We will also set up two Telegram groups, one for signals (we will also use email) and another for general discussion.

**There's a lot of good things said about John Piper, here's just one of the many testimonials he receives**

"I am not sure whether you pick up emails to you personally but I starting subscribing to your daily emails back in January. I am not a  big player but started with £7,500 on IG index in Mid January and have just closed all my positions today prior to going on holiday for 4 weeks,  with a balance of £34,045. In a big part thanks to your daily reports. Worth the subscription I think it is fair to say !!

Keep up the good work. As you say its all about acknowledging where we are and preparing to make profit in any economic climate. Best wishes"

David Pocock


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