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Goal Profits Review

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In-Play Trading Scanner(Football)

Sports Betting and Trading strategies are very much where the journey began for ProfitMagnets. Having started out as "" back in 2003 and then evolving into "The Profit Place" it became "" back in early 2009.

You could say that sports betting has been my (John's) bread and butter ever since I gave up the working treadmill.

Naturally a lot has changed over the years but Profit Magnets keeps a close watch on anything of note coming out in the sports betting and trading arena. Check out the sections below to see some of those strategies. It has to be good to get mentioned here.

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Back In 2010 (Launching in Early 2012) I Worked With A Retired Dentist (Geoff Parle) To Create Assured Soccer Profits, The Second Best Selling Home-Grown Soccer Trading Strategy In My Online Career (The First Being The Football Cash Generator - Still The Most Widely Used, Betting Exchange Based, Soccer System Of All Time).

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    Everything we test at Profit Magnets has a reasonable entry level for most people. But we also look at things that allow a faster start and better returns if you want to commit more.

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    Many of the businesses and work from home strategies we check out have opportunities for you to involve (introduce) others should you wish to unlock the power of leverage.

  • Opportunities That Don't Have To Depend On Others

    You can go it alone and still benefit. Not everyone is comfortable introducing what they do with others and so what we look at needs to work for those who do and those who don't want to work with others.

  • Hedging Against Future Financial Crisis Is Critical

    No one source of income or form of income has a built in guarantee of being future proofed so you need to diversify to secure your future and this site is designed to help.