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How To Finally Make Money With Forex Trading

Forex trading is a passion of mine, ever since my son Scott and I started watching charts and becoming mesmerised by red and green ‘candles’, going up and down with apparently no rhyme or reason for the movements. I started off being totally useless at predicting the market movements, and 20 years later, I am still no better at it! Yet it continues to fascinate me. And I now make a lot of money through forex trading – the smart way.

If you know anything about forex (foreign exchange) trading, you will know that the market makers are out to take all your pennies off you. They simply don’t care if they’ve emptied your account so that you can’t feed your family or pay your mortgage. You see the market going up, and you jump on a trade. As soon as you do, the market goes against you, hits your stop loss virtually to the pip, wiping out your money, then it turns around and goes in the direction that you anticipated initially. It is nothing to do with bad luck. It is all to do with the trillions of dollars that are being traded daily, with the big boy traders and institutions making their money. And the cycle goes on, relentlessly.

It is said that 95% of day traders lose money. I can well believe that. After trying hundreds of indicators, magic formulae, expert advisors etc., I can confirm that I never made any money – that was, until a few months ago when it all changed.

Recently (July 2018) the EU imposed new rules which basically knocked a lot of small traders out of the game. I won’t bore you with the details, but it was only when I was investigating the rules in advance of them being imposed that I came across something extraordinary, and which was not affected in the slightest by these stupid crazy EU rules. More about that in a moment. Suffice to say that the little guy is once again being clobbered by the EU, like with so many other rules by bureaucrats.

So – how did it all change for me? How did I start to make a profit every month, even though I was hopeless at it?

Quite simply, I stumbled across a managed forex trading program that got me very, very excited. Like all things I was dubious at first, and hesitant about investing money in forex, but after doing my research, I realised that I had at last, after 20 years, found a way of making money with forex instead of losing it!

The company in question have been trading for well over 6 years. They have been interviewed by newscasters, for example CNN, and top financial publications in the USA, like Forbes. They use a trading algorithm and trade solely on EUR/USD. The great news is that their MT4 (meta trader 4) is not restricted by the stupid EU rules, which I was delighted about.

So I set up their system, and put in 2000 Euros with the knowledge that I could cut and run if it didn’t work out, without losing my shirt. Now I do not have to lift a finger – it is all fully automated.

At first, I was rather sceptical, as I had been there, done it, got the T-shirt. But then something magical happened. The account started showing a profit! For the first time in over 20 years, my balance was going UP, not down. I logged in every day, and sure enough, this pattern kept repeating itself. Some days, the live trades were showing a loss, and I would panic a little but the program simply turned them around, and kept on gaining profits.

After a month I couldn’t stand it any longer and I just had to put in another 18,000 Euros. You see – I found out that their fully verified results showed that in six and a half years they had not had a single losing month!

Now for some really good news. You don't have to take my word for this. If you click the green button below, you can download the MT4 file and actually go and look at my "live" account right now!. Once you've clicked the button, downloaded the file and opened it up you simply enter the following details:

Login: 615850  -  Password: jaR1nvTMuc9s  - Server: BAXHoldings-Live

submit button

Let Me Put This Into Perspective For You.

Let’s say you had £20,000 in the bank and you were thinking of using it to buy a car.

You could go to the showroom, hand over your money, and possibly end up with a pile of trouble on your hands, plus an empty bank account. Or at best, maybe have a piece of metal that lost a heck of a lot in its value as you drove it off the forecourt in your excitement.  Then, in a couple of years, the car is beginning to show signs of wear and tear, and you must then try and sell it to get more money towards paying for a new one…. that’s how it all works, isn’t it?

I have a better idea.

Trade the forex with the company that I use. Put the £20000 in there.

Then, go lease a brand new car. All the servicing, maintenance, tyres, road tax etc is paid for, and if you take it on for 24 months (for example). You give it back at the end and get a brand new one – you know, the model that just came out and you now wished you had…

A brand new, drop dead gorgeous car, every 24 – 36 months. Wow. Wouldn’t that be something?

You see – when you are getting returns of 5% – 10% and sometimes more per month, you can easily afford the £300 - £500 per month that the lease costs! And all the way through, you have your original 20k in your forex account, COMPOUNDING monthly.

Example – £20k at 5% profit = £1k.

£300 for the car, leaves £700 profit. That compounds monthly in the forex account.

Or you get a really, really, nice car for £500 per month lease, giving you £500 compounding. So at the end of 24 months (example term of the lease) you have 32k in your forex account, and will be getting a brand new car, as opposed to nothing in your bank, and a car that nobody wants second hand, with no extra funds to buy a new one.

…and of course there are the months when your account produces 10% or more per month (£2000+) and you have more profits that are compounding. Like this:

Don’t take my word for it though.

You may even be thinking I might have doctored this screenshot somehow, because forex day traders simply don’t make that kind of profit at home!  But instead of thinking that, contact me and I will actually allow you viewing access to my LIVE account, so we can monitor it every day for a couple of weeks and you can see how it works. It will take your breath away – I promise you that. By the time you do contact me, the amount in the image above will have increased…

Contact me if you wish to obtain access to my LIVE account, to assess it for yourself. In the subject of your email put “Trevor’s live account Forex offer.”



Unfortunately, I must make a small charge for my part of this service, to get rid of the tyre kickers and wannabe’s. And also because I can only handle a small group of people monitoring the account at one time and I DO NOT make a commission from you if you take up one of these forex accounts of your own.

If you want access, it will cost £50, paid via Paypal. If after 1 month it does not show the profits. in real time. that I have mentioned here. and you do not want to take it any further, you will get a full refund of that £50.

If, on the other hand, you take up the forex service, the company will credit you with 10% (no strings attached) on your account – so if you deposit 20k, you get 2k credit)

So in summary, you can access a fully automated system, which has successfully traded in profit every month for six and a half years – AND you get to fully assess it BEFORE you part with any real money, for a full month if needed, PLUS you get my help in understanding it as we go along. That’s an extraordinary offer that you will not see elsewhere…

There's More!

The above-mentioned system is totally hands-off. You cannot interfere with the trades in any shape or form. It also requires a reasonable level of investment.

The other trading I do is exciting, but again – it is not me doing the trading. I have hooked up with a professional trader with 10 years of experience, and simply copy what he does. Hundreds of people follow this guy, and he has a great reputation.

I use a different forex broker for these trades, and again, it is one that is highly regulated, but not affected by the EU rules – so I began this account with £1000 or so – much more affordable. Yes, you have to do the work yourself, and you have to be around to put the trades on, but the results are extremely encouraging.

The service costs $99 per month. However, he will give you a special offer for the year, which is somewhere around $2-$300 for the whole year (I can’t remember exactly how much – the offer pops up when you register)

You then get to download his app where all the trades appear, and you get a tally of the pips you have won since you began with him. All very good, all very professional, and all very profitable. If you would prefer this system to the first one, either email me at support@profitmagnets.com for more details of the hands on forex trading.

Make the email subject line for that one "Trevor's Hands-On Forex Deal".

Or you can go straight to the site and register using this link:

Go Straight there

If you ever wanted to make £1000 - £2000 a month totally hands off, choose the first option. If you want to make profits and be at the sharp end of trading, choose the second option.

Personally, I use both, and I love the fact that I am now in the 5% of forex day traders who make a profit! I always knew I was special…..

Get in touch, and remember it is a limited offer for other special people who want to get ahead in life.

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