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A Profitable Football System With Guarantees!
(Now that's a little unusual).

Football Advisor - Bank Builder


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I wasn't able to get in on this last year, which is a real shame as, having been launched midway through the 2017/2018 season, a handsome profit of £4,267.19 was achieved across 4 cycles and, with this system, you get two guarantees.

1. They guarantee to double your betting bank:

Their unique approach involves a smart staking strategy which firstly protects your betting bank, while also allowing for compound growth by capitalising on short winning streaks to deliver accelerated growth over short periods of times.

And this does not involve any form of loss recovery strategy and works on between an 80% and 95% win rate  - currently on cycle 1 they are at 100% and have increased the bank by 79% (accurate as of 22nd August 2018).

The only variable in this approach is HOW LONG each cycle runs for as each one will run until the original bank has doubled.

2. They guarantee that you will never go bankrupt or lose all of your betting bank.

This is due to their innovative and unique staking strategy. It is, for all intents and purposes, mathematically impossible for you to go bankrupt and lose your betting bank.

They built this staking strategy with bank preservation in mind first and then, through the use of smart maths, they ensure it will deliver attractive profits. They are, naturally, quite guarded about their formula so I can't reveal more about it here but they will share this in full to members when they join a cycle.

They want you to make as much profit as quickly as possible so that you join cycle after cycle with them. This approach is great for anyone looking to:

•Build a betting bank quickly - even starting with just £100.
•Give an existing betting bank a boost.
•Diversify their betting portfolio and add another consistent profit stream.

We're all looking forward to smashing the 2018/2019 football season results and they believe they'll easily top last seasons returns.

Now, to quickly explain a cycle -

A cycle ends when the starting betting bank has doubled (that's the first guarantee - to double your betting bank) so roughly, if your cycle 1 bank were to kick off at £300, you'd be at £600 by the end of cycle 1. You can start cycle 2 (if you want to go again) with either that entire £600, maybe £300 again or any other starting figure you like.

The results they publish are generally based on the common odds available on the bets suggested and, also refreshing, you can run this purely on an exchange.

I am personally running mine using the Smarkets exchange. If you wish to you can join Smarkets if you don't have a Smarkets account - by clicking below. Why would you join Smarkets? Because they charge only a 2% commission on bets and still offer odds that are as good as Betfair.

Current Cycle Update - 23rd August 2018

I am enjoying great results in this first cycle of Bank Builder in the 2018/2019 football season and, with bank growth at around 75% this cycle is closing real soon. Obviously, this is not my first rodeo and I know that it is not always possible to maintain good results.

But with a current strike rate of 100% on the bets it is very clear that these guys know what they are doing and are on track to make some good profits. Cycle two should be starting very soon and they are taking members for that right now.

If you miss the start of a cycle, it should not be too long a wait for the next to start but, obviously, the more cycles you get in, the greater the betting bank increase can be over the season.

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