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I've known this guy for a long time and, up until now, he has never offered a tipping service even though he is one of the most knowledgeable people I know on the subject of horse racing form.

Back in January he gave me the opportunity to look at his best selections each day based on their likely performance and odds combination. His target is, unusually, always to make a modest but consistent profit. He will sometimes include some pretty low price horses and he will also, if he thinks they are good enough, go for some that have tastier odds. However, first and foremost, he selects based on his unique form analysis that he has used and continued to develop for many years successfully and, after some pretty deep diving into everything he can find on the horse, selects based upon that experience.

He is a shy and modest man and only agreed to this trial if I agreed to keep his name and identity to myself and, in his words, "not make a big song and dance about it". So I have simply named him Mr X P; to reflect the almost secret side to this and the fact that he will only tip based on SP prices and SP results - also one of his little quirks is that he as an ardent Windows XP fan and thinks everything they've done since with updates is rubbish.

There will be no inflated claims here about results, no pumped up results based on prices you could have got - this will run in just pure SP and BSP prices all the way. That makes it very easy to do because, if you want to bet as you follow, you can put the bets on at either bookmaker or Betfair SP when convenient and just leave it.

The trial will run for 3 whole months beginning 1st March 2019. That's right, you get 3 whole months to see for yourself. And, if successful, I will hopefully persuade him to then continue. But whatever else happens, at least you are going to get the benefit of some free tips for a while.

Nobody does that, a 3 months trial with ZERO ongoing subscription commitment, and his reason for doing it this way is very simple. He will either show you a profit over the 3 months or withdraw the service. We don't even have a firm subscription level in mind following a successful trial but we do have a target level of profit to make this viable for all. The subscription, like the service, if and when we continue will be modest.

The recommendation is that you place win bets for around £3 to keep the total cost at under £10 per day. You can bet for less or more of course and paper trading is also always recommended as a sensible way to go. At the start of the trial you will see the spreadsheet we produced for February to give you an idea of how this will perform if all things remain equal. Of course, February was not a great month for horse racing given the equine flu and, typically, just the time of year.

We hope to upload the new daily sheet (containing next day selections and ongoing results) last thing at night or first thing in the morning. If that isn't possible, then, as soon as we can before racing begins. Much depends on when he has all the information he needs.

So here's what to remember...

When you subscribe below (and please note there are two areas to subscribe to) using the first short form you will be sent an email that gives you access to the Google Drive area containing the sheets. This gets you your "trial" membership. When you add your details to the second form below, this gets you on the communication list in case we need to contact you. We've chosen not to have "sending emails" as the main contact system because more and more emails these days just don't get through and the last thing we need is a massive workload of questions and queries on this free service.

So, there you have it. An absolute no strings free trial for three months with absolutely no pre-commitment to continue. Just watch it or bet it for fun and let's see how we've done by the end of May!

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