I've had lots of question following my video about Yield Nodes and I am really not surprised because it is shaping up to be one of the best things I've gone into for a while now.
The two most frequently asked questions were “how do I get money into Yield Nodes to fund it?” and “How safe is this?” 
I am going to answer the second one first. We live in exciting times but also worrying times. I do not believe that you can rely on the traditional ways to make money or put your money to work any more. So we have to accept more risk now with our money than most of us would like.
That said, if I were to create a risk scale for blockchain based money making strategies with 10 being the most risky and 1 being the least exposed to risk, I would put Yield Nodes at around 3 on that scale. No-one can know for sure whether this will be as good as it is looking in the long run but I feel comfortable with it.
As to the first question, I made another video to answer that question. 
You can view that video by clicking here >>>>  VIDEO  <<<<

All the best