This book will, of course, be of interest to anyone that plays or is considering playing Online Texas Hold'Em poker. It would also be of some use to someone wishing to play in a casino or with some friends in a card school. Either way, it gives you a comprehensive outline of Texas Hold'Em rules and some excellent game strategies.

This book is a little unusual for a book of mine in that it was written for me instead of by me, not something I normally entertain. Whilst I have played poker many times in casinos, online and with friends (sign of a misspent youth I guess) I would always have struggled to clearly outline the rules and may have missed something important.

It's funny how we can often end up playing a card game instinctively and then, in fact, end up missing some really obvious strategy that could improve our winning chances. Well this book is also largely for people like me who play the game, love the game but could always benefit from some new tricks. So I had it written for me and whenever someone can do a better job than you and whenever they are willing to do it then my moto is: let them!

Anyway enjoy the book, you never know when you might be called upon to solve a dispute around the table at Christmas over the Texas Hold'Em rules even if you weren't planning on a casino raid any time soon!



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