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Coming up with new, fresh and free content for someone to download and  keep is one the toughest things to do when you run a site like this one. With Profit Magnets re-launching, I wanted to offer something a little different to the average run of the mill stuff you get out there and I thought about this long and hard before coming up with the idea that, along with really useful gambling related material, my members need other things and what could be better than a simplistic (but useful) guide on sales tricks.

How would it be if you could see the real plan behind the often very sophisticated sales techniques that are used on you? How would it be to know some of the inside secrets of how to ramp up sales results? It would be useful right? Well that's what you have here. A brand spanking new book never before seen that I know loads of people would absolutely love to get their hands on and you can have for free!

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I had to think this through very carefully because exposing some of the tactics used to sell to you puts me on slightly dodgy ground.  Let's face it, I'm not going to win any popularity contests among those working to sell you their stuff now am I?

Well, I did it anyway. I went ahead and wrote a book about some of the dirty little tricks that get used on us all to make us dive into our wallets and purses. And then I found another problem. This needed to be short and sweet. The idea wasn't to go off and write something the size of War and Peace and I realised that because of my rather unusual back ground as a past trainer of sales people and a business consultant (to name but two of my special areas of historical work) I could have gone on and on and then ended up with just the thing I needed to avoid. So I cut it back down to a digestible size and kept only the more common tactics used against us in there. Truth is, I couldn't even really keep all of them and still get it to the size I wanted.

It needed to be small enough for you to want to read it (and to allow you to read it over just a few short sessions) but comprehensive enough to be really useful. I hope I have achieved that balance well.

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In the end I forced myself to stop writing knowing that there was a huge amount still that I could have added in. Maybe I will go back to it one day and add all that stuff, who knows. What I have got for you though is pretty handy and it is yours to download for free and it three different formats!

This little book should open your eyes to some things you may encounter almost daily and when you look now a little more closely at what is being sold to you and how it is being sold to you it is quite possible that a little smile will cross your face as you think “that's just what John was talking about in his book”.

In the file you download I have also added the book in two additional formats that allow you to read it on things like i-phones. smart phones, Kindle's and such like so you can even read it on the hoof so to speak.

Enjoy the book.


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