Everyone else is going to be talking about hole in ones and birdies and all but I just wanted to be different. 
There's a golf promotion starting today that is well worth taking a look at for a number of reasons. One of those being that there are 3 freebies being given away over the next few days that could be useful if you fancy a bit of golf betting action.
Actually, I would say the third of those reports makes a particularly valuable free gift. I am on my second read of that now.

I've always liked golf. I used to play golf quite a bit. I even used to go on an annual overseas trip with a golfing group of buddies for many years. But I've never really been focused on any form of golf betting. It was always now and then with me. 
Even though I am well aware that there are some seriously good golf betting services out there I have, mostly, tended to ignore them. For no other reasons than not having the time to really get stuck in and preferring the horses and football for my betting money.
That said I have made some substantial golf bets on at least 3 occasions that I recall where I got some advice and tips. All of them came from people that bet on golf for a living and 2 of the 3 paid out handsomely. There is no doubt that with help from those that study this stuff in detail, golf betting can be lucrative. 
In 2020, Golf Bets Gold members had access to bets on 9 tournament winners and 32 placed selections at odds of up to 125/1.
Golf Bets Gold have created a report outlining how it achieved this profit as well as details of the bets themselves. They also identified some key lessons learned from 2020 and ways that their betting strategy can be tweaked to become even more profitable in 2021. 
You can download the performance report from 2020 and get two more free guides, namely: 
5 Players to watch in 2021 – this pinpoints a couple of players on both the US and European Tours as well as their pick for who ends up as the World #1. 
And, how to win money betting at golf which goes into detail about the strategies that they have developed over the years that makes them consistently profitable. 
I could certainly have done with some how to win at golf advice back when I played, that's for sure. I suspect that one good tip for me would have been to spend less time in the clubhouse.
To get the free reports and information on how good Golf Bets Gold are, just click this link >> GOLF FREEBIES AND MORE
Read those reports and you will immediately understand the opportunities and advantages that exist within golf betting and how bookmakers, more or less, are forced to give the smarter punters an edge that just doesn’t exist in any other kind of sports betting.
You can download the first free report now and automatically receive the two other free reports over the next couple of days. They make interesting reading and I would advise you get stuck in to the reports even if you don't go any further than that.
As I said, three, free bees (but also a whole lot more). Never a bad idea.

Be well, take care…